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Kite Rigging Kit - JB 80 LB Spectra and Black's Release Clip Kit

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Kite Rigging Kit - JB 80 LB Spectra and Black's Release Clip Kit

Complete Kite Rigging kit includes pre-cut Jerry Brown 80 LB Test Non-Hollow Braided Line, and 1 Black's Release Clip Kit.

Everything you need to spool up your kite reel. Each section of line is a different color.

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Kite Rigging Kit - Fishing Kites Instructions

Our kite reel rigging kit comes complete with a Black’s Release Clip Kit, which includes 3 pre-drilled kite release clips, in addition to being pre-drilled, these release come in 3 different colors:

  • White - Largest diameter clip, which is closest to the kite rod when deployed
  • Gray - 2nd Clip - Middle Clip
  • Black - Smallest diameter clip, which is furthest away from the rod, and closest to the kite.

The kit also includes the swivels, as well as the coast snap swivel that attaches the kite to your main line.

We are partial to the 80 LB test Jerry Brown Spectra Braided Line, which due to diameter is easy to use, and will provide you with the necessary line strength for all wind conditions.

Our Kite Rigging Kit - Fishing Kites includes a total of 410 yards of Jerry Brown Spectra line, broken up into 4 different spools:

The Backing Line Spool has a total of 300 yards of WHITE 80 LB Spectra Braid, this is your backing line, so it is spooled onto your reel first.

Once the backing line is completely spooled onto the reel, the first swivel is tied to the line. The first swivel, is the largest of the 3 swivels provided in the Release Clip Kit.

The 1st Kite Line Spool has 30 yards of BLUE 80 LB Test Spectra Fishing Line. Now tie the BLUE line to the other end of the largest swivel, and spool the full 30 yards of BLUE line onto your kite reel.

Once spooled, tie the second swivel, which is the mid sized swivel on to the Blue line you just put on your kite reel. The GREEN line of the 2nd Kite Line Spool is now tied to the other end of the mid sized swivel, and the full 30 yards of GREEN line is spooled onto your kite reel.

After the GREEN line is on the spool, tie the last and smallest swivel on to the GREEN line. Next tie the YELLOW line in the last and final spool, Scope Line Spool, to the other side of the smallest swivel, and spool the yellow line onto your reel. NOTE: The Scope Line Spool has a total of 50 yards.

Now secure the spooled Kite Reel onto your kite rod. Next thread the line through the kite rod tip guide, and thread the release clips. The clip with the largest diameter (WHITE) goes 1st, middle diameter (GREY) 2nd, and last is the clip with the smallest diameter (BLACK).

The larger side of the release clips, where the clip tension adjusting knob is, should face your rod tip. This will facilitate the release of the line and avoid tangles. The product picture below these instructions depicts the correct alignment of the clips, as well as the location of all the items included in the kit.

Once the release clips are threaded, tie the snap swivel to the line, and you are ready to go!

Louis CEO/Owner

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Kite Rigging Kit - Fishing Kites

Take the guess out of rigging your kite reel, our 3 Release Clip Kite Reel Rigging Kit includes 3 pre-drilled multicolored Black's Release Clips and 410 yards of precut 80 LB Jerry Brown Braided Spectra Line. This kit comes complete with rigging instructions and everything you need to rig your kite reel right the first time. Total of 4 different colored lines allowing the angler to identify clip deployment timeframes. Customizable.

This kit allows the angler 90 feet of line between the 3 release clips, 150 feet of scope (distance from kite to first clip), and 300 yards of backing. Using 150 feet of scope is essential when fishing larger baits such as bluefish for tuna, and lively blue runners/jacks. The closer the first clip is to the kite, the easier it is for the kite to be pulled down when the strike occurs, this is why using at least 150 feet of scope is so important. Our kite rigging kit features the necessary scope to prevent this from happening.

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