Multiple Circle Hook Deep Drop Rig - 14/0 Hooks & Light

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Multiple Circle Hook Deep Drop Rig - 14/0 Hooks & Light

Rigged with our super strong and ultra sharp Korean made steel nickel plated offset circle hooks, a glow in the dark bead on each hook rig, and a coast snap swivel to attach your weight. Rigged & ready to fish! Each rig features a total of 5 hooks. Comes complete with our 450 hour diamond fishing light in your choice of color.

  • Several species of Grouper
  • Large and small Snapper
  • Variety of Tile Fish

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Multiple Circle Hook Deep Drop Rig - 14/0 Hooks & Light

Multiple hook rigs have been traditionally used for bottom fishing for many years. Anglers who desire to target deep water species greatly enhance their catch ratios by employing "chicken rigs', a name that has been used to describe these rigs.

Chicken rigs to be seen by fish at distances. These beads help to attract game fish to the baits presented on the rigs. All of these rigs employ either triple swivels or specially designed swivels that allow for a 3-way connection. The swivels are important to allow for a more natural bait presentation. The coast snap swivel on the bottom of the rigs is used to attach the necessary weight to get your baits down to the ocean floor.

All of our rigs include our 450-hour diamond fishing lights. Our lights are lithium powered mini strobes about an inch high, and roughly a 1/2 inch diameter. These lights are available in GREEN, BLUE, WHITE, and RED. The flashing strobe adds to the attraction giving the impression of movement.

A local favorite here in Florida is the barracuda sandwich, which features a chunk of barracuda wrapped in squid. Barracuda is an excellent bait due to its strong scent. In addition to squid and barracuda, sardines, mullet, ballyhoo, bonito strips, tuna belles, and even small live baits may be used.

Our steel nickel plated offset circle hooks are strong, and made for use during multiple outings. These hooks are made in Korea, which manufactures the best fishing hooks in the world.

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