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Sceptre 50 LB Class Standup Rod

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Sceptre 50 LB Class Stand Up Rod

The Sceptre Gladiator Series 50 LB Class standup rod is an all-around standup rod suitable for trolling, as well as all offshore fishing applications, where 50 LB standup tackle is desirable. Our Gladiator Series rods feature AFTCO roller stripper guide, AFTCO roller tip, and a #2 detachable straight aluminum butt.

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Sceptre 50 LB Class Stand Up Rod

Excellent choice for standup fishing. The Sceptre Standup features an AFTCO Stripper and Roller Tip Guide. Detachable aluminum butt options include straight, short, as well as long curved butts. Each Sceptre Rod features EVA fore grip and a large hook/lure keeper.

Guide to Aluminum Butt Sizes:

#1 Aluminum Butts are comparable to 22 mm diameter reel seats. These are ideal for reels such as Avet LX & HX reels, Shimano TLDs, Alutecnos Veloce, and most other 20 LB Class Reels.

#2 Aluminum Butts are comparable to 24 mm diameter reel seats. These are ideal for reels such as Avet ProEx 30s, Penn 30 VSWs, as well as 50 LB class reels.

#4 Aluminum Butts are also suitable for 50 LB Class reels, however, they are ideal for electric deep drop reels, such as the Kristal 621 & 651s, and Dolphin 80 LB Class reels These butts fall into the 80-130 LB Class categories, but are not too big for the 50 LB class reels. We only use the #4 butts for our deep drop rods, the #2 butts are not advisable when mounting heavier electric fishing reels.

#6 Aluminum Butts are suitable for the large 130 LB Class reels, unlimited class. These butts are larger in diameter and need rod holders with sufficient inner diameter to fit the butt in place.

Sceptre Rods are designed for the extreme demands of offshore fishing. Thoughtful design, for performance, ergonomics, and functionality.

Louis CEO/Owner

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Sceptre 50 LB Class Stand Up Rod

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