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Sceptre Stealth 7 FT Kingfish Rod

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Sceptre Stealth 7 FT Kingfish Rod

Our Sceptre Kingfish Tournament Series 7 FT Live Bait Rod is the perfect rod for live baiting kingfish when fishing the kites or slow trolling. These rods have all the features necessary for successful tournament fishing. Total of 9 Super Braid Halide guides, 22 mm aluminum reel seat, lure/hook keeper, & aluminum gimbal.

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Sceptre Stealth 7 FT Kingfish Rod

The Sceptre Stealth 7 FT Conventional Live Bait / Downrigger Rods are the perfect rods for those anglers who fish for King Mackerel, Sailfish, as well as Stripers. Our rod features a fast action tip with lots of backbone. Ideal for fishing live baits off the kites, slow trolling, as well as off the downriggers. This rod is wrapped 100% in BLACK with our custom Sceptre Rods logo.

All Sceptre Stealth 7 FT Conventional Rods feature a total of 8 super braid Halide guides, and a super braid Halide rod tip, a total of 9 guides, a 22 mm diameter aluminum reel seat with a washer, and an aluminum gimbal. The 22 mm reel seat is the perfect size for Avet models MX, LX, as well as the new HX Series. In addition, the Shimano TLDs, SpeedMasters, as well as Trinidad, Penn 545's, and Calcutta will fit just fine. The reel seat will also fit the new Alutecnos Veloce, Penn Torques, as well as the Penn Senators. Basically, any reel that falls into the same size as the reels mentioned above will fit on our 22 mm aluminum reel seat.

When I designed Sceptre Fishing Rods I took into account the many design flaws that I found to underperform when fishing offshore. One of these flaws is reel seats that tighten from the butt up towards the rod tip. This type of reel seat alignment is not only impractical due to the reel coming loose and getting lost overboard, but such alignment can also cause injury if the reel fly off the reel seat. Personally, I found that the composite reel seats eventually lose their threads, as well as deform when exposed to the elements. Our machined reel seats will not deform or come loose. Each reel seat features a lock washer to further assure the stability of the reel on the reel seat.

Lure / Hook Keeper:
All our Sceptre Rods feature a lure/hook keeper built into the rod. The keeper allows you to attach your hook or lure to the rod instead of one of the guides. This also avoids the need of having to wrap the leader around the reel. The lure/hook keeper allows for faster deployment of your bait or lure.

Rod Blank:
All our Sceptre Rods are build on indestructible blanks. Short of running the rod over with a lawnmower, these blanks will take a bend from big fish! I have caught everything from Pacific Sails, Yellow Fin Tuna, to Kingfish, and the blanks have all performed flawlessly. The fast tip allows for a super enjoyable fight, while the backbone will facilitate landing the fish.

Louis CEO/Owner

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Sceptre Stealth 7 FT Kingfish Rod

Sceptre Stealth 7 FT Sailfish Rod

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