Alutecnos Fighting Jacket

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Alutecnos Fighting Jacket

The Fighting Jacket by Alutecnos is an awesome harness that provides extreme angler comfort and unmatched leverage for fighting fish. This jacket is designed to distribute forces from your upper buttocks and along your back. This jacket is worn like a fishing vest, and it features straps to allow the angler to strap the reel eyes to the jacket. The straps are adjustable and allow the angler to use this jacket in all light to heavy standup fishing applications. This is the same style of fighting jacket that Capt. Quint on the movie Jaws wore while fighting the shark on the fighting chair.

The Alutecnos Fighting Jacket may be used with either the Alutecnos Dolce Vita when fishing light to medium heavy standup tackle, or the Alutecnos Large Fighting Belt, when using medium-heavy to heavy standup tackle.

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Alutecnos Fishing Belts and Harnesses

The use of fighting belts, fishing harnesses, and fighting chairs have been popular for years. These belts and harnesses gained popularity when stand-up fishing gear was made popular by Marsha Bierman back in the early 80’s. Throughout the years, great advances have been made with harness and belt designs. These designs have evolved into the heavy tackle big game classes with valuable input from anglers who use standup fishing techniques on the California long-range tuna boats. These guys put the pedal to the metal and crank up tunas from the depths using standup gear! AWESOME!!!

There are several different varieties of belts, some with gimbals that swivel, and some with a metal bar in lieu of an actual gimbal. The deciding factor with belts depends primarily on 3 factors:

  • Angler Comfort
  • Tackle Line Class
  • Game Fish Species

Fishing belts basically feature two different positions, around the waist and towards the front, riding higher, and around the waist and dropping down above the knees, resting on the thighs. The latter type is best for heavy tackle applications. When selecting a fighting belt, a padded back is essential. The last thing you want is a hard metal or plastic device getting buried in your groin, or muscles, therefore the padded feature is a nice touch. Buried items in groins, is not a nice thing.

When it comes to harnesses, there are kidney harnesses with and without a bucket “seat”, and the fighting jacket.

Kidney Harnesses: These are best for light to medium-heavy standup applications

Kidney Harness with Bucket: These are best for medium heavy to heavy applications

Fighting Jackets: These may be used with light to heavy applications

Regardless of the harness type, a fishing belt is essential when a harness is used. The belt is imperative because the rod has to be anchored. Harnesses feature adjustable straps to allow the angler to snap the reel strap eyes to the harness and then adjust the angle of the rod, the swivel gimbal belts provide an added advantage when making adjustments.

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Alutecnos FIghting Jacket

The Alutecnos Fighting Jacket is designed to ride on your back and upper buttocks, putting the pressure on the mid & upper body, giving you maximum pulling efficiency and support. Matched with the Large Fighting belt this is the most popular combination for stand up fishing large game.

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