Avet PRO-EX 30W Sceptre Long Range Tuna Rod Combo

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Avet ProEX 30 Wide Sceptre Long Range Tuna Rod Winthrop Adjustable Butt Combo

Avet Pro-EX 30 Wide 2 Speed Aluminum Lever Drag Fishing Reel. Great all around trolling reel. Perfect for dolphin, mahi, wahoo, and other gamefish.


  • Avet Lever Drag control system.
  • Avet Reels feature a Pre set Drag feature.
  • Avet Reels have a 100% precision machined aluminum frame.
  • Avet Reels feature all stainless steel ball bearing and components.
  • Avet Reels Avet Drag dual caliper drag washers with titanium brake disk.
  • Avet Reel Handle knob features an oversized grip.
  • Avet Reels feature Harness lugs.
  • Avet Reels are proudly made in the USA.

Reel Color - We can order any Avet color you wish, wide or narrow spool, and Right or Left Handed Reel

Sceptre 6' 2" XH 80 LB Long Range Adjustable Butt Tuna Rod

The Sceptre 80 LB XH Adjustable Butt

Long Range Tuna Rod features:

  • #14 Winthrop Wind-On Roller Tip
  • American Tackle XXH Fiberglass Blank
  • EVA Foregrip
  • Total of 6 Fuji SIC HBSG Guides
  • Wrapped 100% in Black - Custom Wraps Available
  • Sceptre Custom Logo in Silver
  • Detachable #2 Short Curved Winthrop Adjustable Butt

Buyer's Guide

Avet PRO-EX 30W Sceptre Long Range Tuna Rod Combo

The Avet 30 Wide 2-Speed Reel is an open top San Diego Style 30 LB Class 2 Speed Wide aluminum lever drag fishing reel. This reel may be used for all types of offshore trolling, as well as for fishing the bottom. The reel foot of the reel allows this reel to be ideally mounted on a 24 mm diameter reel seat, or a #2 aluminum butt. While this reel will fit on a 22 mm diameter reel seat or a #1 aluminum, I recommend going with the 24mm or #2 aluminum butt. The reel will site better on the larger diameter reel seat. Those wishing to stand up fish may use this reel effortlessly. At 3.1 LBS this reel is very manageable. A short curved #2 butt would be my first choice for standup or bottom fishing.

This is a 2-speed reel. The high retrieve allows for 37 inches per crank of line pick up speed, while the more powerful, and less stressful low retrieve allows for 19 inches per crank. Whether fishing for tuna, mahi, or grouper off the bottom, this Avet reel will perform flawlessly in all fishing applications. This reel may be spooled with 30 LB Test Monofilament, or 80 LB braided Spectra for larger line capacity. The T-Bar handle is ergonomically designed for angler comfort. The Wide version allows for larger line capacities.

Louis, CEO/Owner

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Sceptre 6' 2" XH 80 LB Long Range Adjustable Butt Tuna Rod

Avet PRO-EX 30W Sceptre Long Range Tuna Rod Combo

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Avet PRO-EX 30 Wide 2 Speed Reel

Sceptre 6'2" XH 80 LB Class Long Range Tuna Rod

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