Bahama Lure Europa 12 or 15 inch Fishing Lure

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Europa is a short plunger head lure. The measured width of its head is almost its length, a real smoker! The Europa is especially productive on calm days when it's a good time to "stir things up". While the larger sizes are ideal for the flat lines, the smaller size is nothing short of amazing on the outriggers.

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Europa Fishing Lure

Europa's wide head design creates a wild ride in calm seas, a real smoker! The radically designed head simulates an injured baitfish, this one is a must for any spread. Pulls best from the flat lines .The smaller sizes are great on the outriggers. Europa is weight keeled allowing for a low center of gravity, which allows this lure to run and track true.

About "Low Center of Gravity" Lures:

A true running lure will have the proper hook set angle as well as presentation. Basically, there is no point to having eyes on a lure if the eyes are looking at the sky! The low center of gravity allows your lure to look natural.

All of the Bahama Lure models will exceed your expectations and land you the fish of your dreams!

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