Bahama Lure Juliet Size 30 10 inch Lure

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JULIET Keel Weighted Reverse Taper Head Lure - Runs True

This reverse tapered head lure has an amazing swimming action. One of the oldest head designs created by master lure maker, Allan Wardle. This lure is only made in the 30 10 inch size. This lures also is keel weighted and runs true.

Available in size 30 – 10″. Keeled for stability.

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About "Low Center of Gravity" Bahama Lures -

A true running lure will have the proper hook set angle as well as presentation. Basically there is no point to having eyes on a lure if the eyes are looking at the sky! The low center of gravity allows your lure to look natural.

All of the Bahama Lure models will exceed your expectations and land you the fish of your dreams!

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Louis BMC Tackle

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Bahama Lure Juliet - Amazing Lure! A BMC favorite

Bahama Lure Skirt Colors - These are some of the colors that are available:

Bahama Lure Proteus 12 inch Tuna Fishing Lure


Bahama Lure Proteus 12 inch Tuna Fishing Lure

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