Captain Segull Chart No AT206 Atlantis To Tom's Canyon

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Captain Segull Chart No AT206 Atlantis To Tom's Canyon

Features intensive ocean data outlining canyons, ledges, wrecks, and important deep-sea structures that hold fish. Complete with GPS numbers.

Be sure to check out the Buyer's Guide for additional information on how the use of bathymetry and satellite data will land you the fish of your dreams.

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Captain Segull Chart No AT206 Atlantis To Tom's Canyon

Captain Segull Charts feature intensive ocean data. These charts feature mapping of depth, and ocean bottom structures such as ledges, canyons, reefs, and structures natural to the area being mapped. Things such as wrecks are not part of the bathymetric mapping. Wrecks are for the most part known locations of ships, planes, barges, and other man-made items that for one reason or another ended up on the bottom of the sea. I highly recommend using the intensive ocean data provided by Captain Segull's charts in conjunction with sea surface temperature, current information, and satellite altimetry data. When these tools are used in conjunction, the data provided will take you straight to the fish.

When using Captain Segull charts to identify bottom structure such as drop-offs, canyons, and bottom structures, it is essential to understand how current, and temperature serve to either attract or repel gamefish in the area. I always recommend that anglers take the time to learn how to interpret satellite data. Once basic understanding is achieved, the combination of ocean and satellite data is nothing short of synergistic.

This chart may be used to locate ideal fishing locations for tuna, swordfish, and a wide variety of pelagic species which seek structure, current, and specific temperature ranges. When using the aforementioned tools to determine the GPS coordinates of an ideal fishing area. a quality fish finder will serve to provide the angler with additional information such as location of thermoclines, baitfish pods, plankton concentration, etc. The inspection of the water column is a physical procedure that one must engage in upon arrival at our pre-determined GPS coordinates.

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Bathymetric - color contoured by depth - Double sided, laminated, 19 x 26 inches, Offshore, MA, RI, CT, NY, NJ area

New canyons discovered and covered on this bathymetric chart. Detail of Hudson Canyon and Toms Canyon and Hudson Shelf on one side and other side is from Atlantis Canyon to Hudson Canyon. You should use this chart in conjunction with either the OFGPS18 or the OF10.

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