Charlie Brown Octopus Hook Sizes 6/0 to 9/0

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Charlie Brown Octopus Hook 6 Pack

Charlie Brown Octopus Circle Hook has it all. This black nickel hook features wide gaps, forged shanks and needle sharp points. The ideal hook style for offshore and inshore fishing endeavors. Endorsed by The Billfish Foundation. the tournament legal non-offset Charlie Brown Octopus Circle Hooks are sold in packages of 6 hooks.

These hooks are also available in 5/0 7 Pack, 10/0 5 Pack, and 10/0 HD Sushi XX 4 Pack. These sizes are special order items. For more information please contact us using the Contact Us link found on the menu above our logo. This appears on all the pages on our website, first section of the mobile menu, as well as via the BMC Tackle App, free download for Google Play and Mac OS.

Buyer's Guide

Charlie Brown Octopus Circle Hook

6/0 - A Size Gap is 5/8 inch   B Size Shank is 1 1/2 inches

7/0 - A Size Gap is 3/4 inch   B Size Shank is 1 13/16 inches

8/0 - A Size Gap is 7/8 inch   B Size Shank is 1 7/16 inches

9/0 - A Size Gap is 15/16 inch  B Size Shank is 2 inches

Special Order Sizes:

5/0 - A Size Gap is 1/2 inch  B Size Shank is 1 3/16 inches

10/0 - A Size Gap is 1 3/16 Inches  B Size Shank is 3 inches (Size for 10/0 HD Sushi XX is the same)

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