Penn Conflict 8000

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Penn Conflict 8000 Spinning Reel

This is another great spinning reel from Penn. Lightweight design, and incredibly smooth drag. The conflict has stainless steel ball bearings, antislip gasket for braided lines, This is a great reel for catching sailfish, kingfish, and other deep-sea gamefish. The black color design gives this reel that stealth look!

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Penn Conflict 8000 Spinning Reel

The Penn Conflict 8000 is a great reel for offshore use. This reel features a maximum drag of 30 lbs, and a 5.3:1 gear ratio. When used with 20 LB test monofilament or 80 LB test braid, this reel can hold 332 yards of line. Anglers who prefer the heavier 30 LB test monofilament or 130 LB braided line, the line capacity is 227 yards. The black color design gives this reel a classy stealth look, sharp!

I love the drag on this reel, it is smooth, and has a great feel to it. The reel itself is a lightweight, easy to cast, and comfortable when fighting fish. I like this reel with 20 LB mono for catching sailfish and kingfish on flat lines using live bait. Pitching baits and freelining live bait or bait chunks is a piece of cake with this reel.

Louis CEO/Owner

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Sealed stainless steel ball bearing system

Carbon fiber drag washers

Superline Spool

Line Capacity Rings - Keeps track of how much line is left on the spool

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