Rocket Launcher 6 Rod Capacity

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6 Rod Rocket Launcher

This is our midsize cockpit rocket launcher. Each rocket launcher features stainless steel components for longevity. The unique design allows for maximum functionality and performance. These rocket launchers will allow you to fish multiple rods from your cockpit, and provide for ample rod storage while underway. The mid size rocket launcher can hold up to 6 rods.

Buyer's Guide

At BMC we sell helm rocket launchers manufactured by Blue Water Chairs exclusively, in our opinion, there is nothing better. Blue Water Chairs feature the craftsmanship, and attention to details that are necessary to build a quality, reliable rocket launcher for your big game fishing needs.

All Blue Water Chairs uniquely designed rocket launchers will provide you with the longevity, functionality and performance needed for fishing several lines from your cockpit. Our rocket launchers are available in several configurations and materials.

For additional information, installation, and service, please feel free to call. (954) 263-6177

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