SeaQualizer Deep Drop Fish Release Tool

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SeaQualizer Fish Release Tool

Pressure triggered fish releasing tool. Allows you to safely release fish without the need for punctures. No more needles aboard your boat.

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The SeaQualizer Fish Recompression Release Tool

The SeaQualizer is a spring loaded pressure triggered non-invasive lip grip that commences the release of the fish as you drop the fish back into the water through the use of a lead weight. The spring within the SeaQualizer Release Grip has the necessary tension to completely open the grip at a safe depth, releasing the fish, and allowing re-compression of the fish, and allowing it to swim safely back to it’s habitat.

The re-compression of the fish is easy to understand through the application of Boyle’s Gas Law, which is the inverse relationship between pressure and volume. Basically, as pressure increases with depth, volume will decrease. Barometric pressure will increase by 14.7 PSI or 760 mm/Hg for every 33 feet of depth, therefore as the fish is taken back down to the depths, the barometric pressure will increase, and as that pressure increases, the volume of gas in the fish will decrease. This decreases the fish’s volume acquired buoyancy, and once a safe depth is reached, the fish’s bladder will be fully re-compressed, allowing the fish normal buoyancy, and the ability to swim back to it’s habitat.

Conversely, Boyle’s Law applies when the fish is being reeled in. During the reeling in of the fish, the fish’s bladder volume increases, as the pressure decreases towards shallower water. This is why the fish floats when it reaches the surface. The SeaQualizer basically reverses this process to release the fish, the key factor being that it uses a non-invasive grip, instead of an invasive device, releasing the fish unharmed.

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