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24 CU FT Fishing Kite Helium System

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24 CU FT Fishing Kite Helium System

Our 24 CU FT Helium System for kite fishing applications comes with our BMC CGA certified brass marine piston 580 regulators. All our regulators feature a 12 FT self-coiling hose and a pressure gauge for constant visualization of cylinder content. Lifetime flat fee replacement warranty on all our BMC regulators.

This cylinder features an American Safety Standard 580 valve that allows filling at welding shops & gas supply stores that sell the less expensive and most used Non-USP industrial cylinder gas. Non-USP is industrial grade helium, which is less expensive than the medical grade breathable USP Helium.

Click on our Buyer's Guide tab above for additional system specifications and important cylinder safety information.

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24 CU FT Fishing Kite Helium System

Our space saver 24 CU FT kite helium system is for anglers who are fishing aboard smaller boats, or for those who prefer a smaller more compact space saving system. This cylinder is 28 inches high with a diameter of 4.25 inches, pressure when full is 2150 PSIG.

Our 24 CU FT system comes with our BMC Brass Marine 580 Regulator that features a 12 FT self-coiling hose, a Bourdon pressure gauge to monitor cylinder contents, swivel connections with chafe protection, manual flow control filling valve, and a hand tightened valve connection, no wrenches required.

Helium fills may not be available in all geographical locations, it is best to check for availability. For customers who do not have helium fill stations, only tank exchanges, we offer our BMC Helium Regulator.

Smaller Cylinder Safety - IMPORTANT INFORMATION

This system requires that the regulator to cylinder valve connection be placed in an area where the connection will not collide or bump against other items in the space where the cylinder is stored. Smaller gas cylinders do hot have the black plastic valve protectors that also serve as a carry handle. This cylinder size is the only system that we sell that does not have the black plastic valve protector.

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Space Saver 24 CU FT Helium System

  • 24 CU FT Aluminum Helium Cylinder
  • BMC Marine Brass Helium Regulator with Hose, Pressure Gauge, & Flow Control Valve

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