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12/28/2018 - New 90 LB Test Hollow Core line size from Jerry Brown industries

Why 90 LB Test? This is the same question I asked Jerry. The new Jerry Brown 90 LB Hollow Core size is the same as the 100, the difference is the 90 is a looser braid. This allows for easier threading. This new size will be available sometime in Jan 2019. Once it is available, I will activate the stock status on the products currently listed on the website.

12/28/2018 - New Patriot Line Color from Jerry Brown Industries

The new Jerry Brown Line One Patriot line color is a metered line that has a new color grouping of Red White & Blue every 10 yards. The 10 yd intervals allow the angler to count the amount of line in yards as the line is let out of the spool. This is an alternative to using a rod or reel mounted line counter. Metered line comes in handy when fishing the water column, subsurface currents, thermoclines, etc. Typically we know depth through our fish finders, depth finders, or bathymetric fishing chart details.

1/10/2019 - New Kite Line Kit with Black's 3 Release Clip Kit & 450 YDS of Jerry Brown 80 LB Test Patriot Line

The new Complete Kite Line Kite is a recent addition to our store is an awesome easy to use product that simplifies the process of putting the line and release clips on a kite reel. This kit is good for both manual or electric kite reels. The 450 yd spool of Jerry Brown Patriot Metered Line will fill most manual kite reels such as 6/0 Penn Senators, Daiwa T-100 and Kristal 601 electric kite reels. Be sure to check out the Buyer's Guide on the product page for additional information on release clip and scope distances.

1/10/2019 - BMC 150 FT Wind On Leaders

We now offer 3 sizes of our swordfishing & deep drop 150 FT monofilament wind on leaders, 200, 250, and 300 LB test. These wind on leaders feature Jerry Brown 300 LB test spectra loops, weight attachment loop, and Lindgren Pitman monofilament leader. All of our leaders feature free 2 day USPS Priority Mail shipping to all of the US and its territories.

1/11/2019 - BMC Fishing Kite Helium Systems

BMC customers have requested smaller systems that can be used in smaller storage spaces, as a result I added another 3 sizes to the BMC kite fishing helium systems , our new 24 CU FT & 30 CU FT space saver systems, and a new 1800 PSIG 55 CU FT Helium System , which feature a less expensive aluminum cylinder at a more economical price. The 24 CU FT system features the ability to purchase a 2nd 24 CU FT cylinder at a SPECIAL PRICE. As always all our helium systems include free shipping to your doorstep throughout the continental USA.

1/21/2019 - Limited Sales Jan 22nd Through Feb 2nd 2019

During this week I will be overseas procuring some new suppliers. During that time I have limited products that will be available. Products that say Not Available where the ADD TO CART BUTTON should be, those are the products that will not be available. At BMC I do not like to take orders that I can't ship immediately. Those products will be available upon my return on Jan 30th.

2/05/2019 - 450 HR Diamond Strobe Lights - $$$ Saving Packages

10 Pack - Diamond Strobe Lights - Choose Your Color $32.99 & Free Shipping
8 Pack - Diamond Strobe Lights - Choose Your Color $27.99 & Free Shipping
6 Pack - Diamond Strobe Lights - Choose Your Color $22.99 & Free Shipping

3/05/2019 - Blackfin Tuna Lures - Centerfire Lures

An old favorite, Centerfire 30.06 Blackfin Tuna Lures, super productive, best lure to specifically target blackfin tuna. Trolled in the shotgun position far behind the boat, these lures will catch not only blackfin but skipjacks and bonito. If you need to stock up on bonito bellies for bait, this is the lure you need! I have these in the 2 primary blackfin tuna colors Centerfire 30.06 Purple Blackfin Tuna Lure and Centerfire 30.06 Blue Blackfin Tuna Lure.

3/06/2019 - NEW Sceptre Gladiator Series Daytime Swordfish Rod Models

In addition to our Sceptre 130 LB Test XH 6.5 FT Daytime Swordfishing Rod, we have added three new swordfishing rod models. Our new Sceptre Heavy 50-80 LB Test 7 FT Daytime Sword Fishing Rod features a total 8 stainless steel American Tackle super braid guides, 80 LB class heavy fast action blank, and a #4 80-130 aluminum uni-butt. This longer length rod features a fast action tip with a Winthrop #16 roller tip. The new extra heavy model, Sceptre 60-130 XH 6.5 FT Daytime Sword Fishing Rod features a Winthrop #16 roller tip, 7 stainless steel super braid guides, #4 aluminum uni-butt, and American Tackle XH 80-130 fiberglass blank. We are currently completing our 130 LB PLUS unlimited class 6.5 FT XXXH daytime swordfishing rod, target release date March 22nd 2019.

3/06/2019 - NEW Sceptre Dredge & Teaser Rod Model

Our new Sceptre XXH Dredge &Teaser Rod features a 20-inch boom with an AFTCO #26 Big Foot Wind-On Swivel Roller Tip, and a #4 80-130 American Tackle aluminum uni-butt. This XXH dredge rod is ideal for transom and A-frame deployment of dredges and teasers. Unlike long dredge rods, the short boom makes handling and dredge deployment a breeze.

3/06/2019 - NEW Sceptre Gladiator Series 130 LB Class Adjustable Butt Sword & Tuna Rod

The new Sceptre Gladiator 130 LB Class Adjustable Butt Sword & Tuna Rod features our Seeker XXH fiberglass blank, Fuji SIC guides, Winthrop #4 80-130 adjustable uni-butt, and a #16 Winthrop roller tip. The Winthrop adjustable butt allows this rod to be used in both curved and straight configurations. In addition to tuna and swordfish, this rod is an excellent choice for blue & black marlin, as well as an adjustable high-speed trolling rod.

3/06/2019 - NEW Sceptre 4.5 FT 80-130 Deep Drop High-Speed Trolling & Planer Rod

Our new Sceptre 4.5 FT 80-130 Deep Drop Rod features an American Tackle XXH fiberglass blank, #22 AFTCO Swivel Roller Tip for sensitivity, 3 American Tackle stainless steel super braid guides, and an 80-130 #4 long curved uni-butt. This rod is ideal for catching large grouper, high-speed wahoo trolling, and for pulling planers.

3/10/2019 Sceptre Long Range XH Standup Tuna Rod Short Curved Butt

Our New Sceptre Long Range XH Standup Tuna Rod is an XH standup rod suitable for tuna, mahi, wahoo, and a variety of pelagic offshore species. This rod features a short curved #2 uni-butt and a Winthrop roller tip. Fast action blank with plenty of sensitivity to feel the bite.

3/10/2019 Sceptre 6'2" XH 80 LB Long Range Adjustable Butt Tuna Rod

The new Sceptre 6'2" XH 80 LB Class Long Range Tuna Rod with Winthrop adjustable butt may be used in either straight or short curved configurations, just press the button and go from short to curved in seconds. This rod features Fuji SIC guides and a Winthrop roller tip.

3/11/2019 Daisy Chain Teasers Rigged & Ready to Fish

A new line up of daisy chain teasers. Tease marlin, tuna, sailfish, & mahi to your spread! These daisy chains are amazing and must have tool when trolling offshore. Check out these colors:
Green & Black, Lemon Lime, Pink & Metal Flake Glow with Black Stripe, Purple & Black, Rainbow, and our unique Yellowfin Tuna "Ahi" Daisy Chain color combination.

3/11/2019 Rigged & Ready to Fish Mahi & Tuna Clone Lures

The bullethead design of our clone head tuna & mahi rigged & ready to fish lures may be trolled at speeds of 6 to 10-knots. Rigged with 200 LB Test Lindgren Pitman monofilament leaders, and stainless steel J Hooks, these lures are extremely productive and come in the following colors: Green & Black, Pink & Metal Flake Glow, Yellowfin Tuna, Purple & Black, Lemon Lime, and in the unique Rainbow color combination.

3/11/2019 Paa Needle Eye Needle Point Fishing Hooks

The Paa Fishing Hook is a needle eye hook that features a super sharp needle point. These hooks may be used for rigging dead baits as well as offshore trolling lures. We have these hooks in sizes 7/0, 8/0, 9/0, 10/0, 11/0, and 12/0.

3/11/2019 Tuna Blade Needle Eye Small Barb Fishing Hooks

The Tuna Blade is an incredibly sharp fishing hook that features a needle eye and a smaller barb for faster penetration and setting of the hook when the fish strikes. We have these hooks in sizes 7/0, 8/0, 9/0, 10/0, and 11/0 sizes.

3/12/2019 Avet HXW 5/2 Raptor Sceptre 80 LB XH Long Range Tuna Rod Combo

This combo features an Avet HXW Raptor 2 speed reel and our 6'2" 80 LB XH Standup Long Range Tuna Rod with Winthrop roller tip & straight or short curved adjustable butt.

3/12/2019 Avet PRO-EX 30 Wide Sceptre Long Range Tuna Rod Combo

This combo features an Avet PRO-EX 30 Wide and our Sceptre Long Range Tuna Rod with Winthrop Adjustable Butt. We can order reels in all the standard Avet colors

3/12/2019 Avet PRO-EX 50 Wide Sceptre Long Range Tuna Rod Combo

This combo features an Avet PRO-EX 50 Wide and our Sceptre Long Range Tuna Rod with Winthrop Adjustabutt. We can order reels in all the standard Avet colors, as well as the San Diego style and narrow spool 50 2 speed reels.

3/12/2019 Avet HXW 5/2 Raptor & Sceptre Long Range Rod #2 Short Curved Butt

This combo features the Avet HXW 5/2 Raptor & our Sceptre Long Range Standup Tuna Rod with a #2 short curved butt. We can order the HXW reel in all the standard Avet colors, including the HXJ narrow spool models.

3/13/2019 Blue & Metal Flake Silver Daisy Chain

New Blue & Metal Flake Silver daisy chain teaser. This daisy chain is amazing, mimics a flying fish, favorite table fare of tuna, Mahi, marlin, sailfish, and many other pelagic saltwater gamefish.

5/8/2019 New Avet TRX 130 2 Speed Ultra Big Game Reel - The Beast

Avet's first 130 sized reel. This reel boasts a max drag of 150 LBS plus. Also known as "The Beast" the new Avet TRX 130 2 Speed is a super unlimited class reel that is in a class of its own!

6/14/2019 New Sceptre Gladiator XXH Unlimited Class Daytime Swordfishing Rod

Our newest addition to the Sceptre Gladiator Series, the Unlimited Class XXH Daytime Swordfishing Rod features a size 18 Winthrop Tip, stiffer blank with great tip action in heavy currents. NOT A BROOMSTICK!!!

7/25/2019 Jerry Brown Hi-Vis Orange Hollow Core Braided Fishing Line

The new Jerry Brown hi-vis orange fishing line can be purchased directly on the website. It is only available in each of the following Hollow Core sizes: 90, 100, 130, and 200 LB Test.

8/12/2019 BMC 48 x 24 Antifatigue Boat Mat

We now have 6 sizes of BMC shock-absorbing cushioning boat deck & helm pads. See our newest addition, the 48 x 24 1 full inch thick BMC Antifatigue mat

11/21/2019 Holiday Tackle Sale

Our annual Holiday Sale starts on November 21st, 2019. CLICK HERE for all the coupons and specially priced merchandise. Sale ends Jan 5th 2020 or until we are out of stock on the sale item.

12/09/2019 Magbay Fishing Lures

See our new complete selection of fishing lures from Magbay Lures. Our vast selection includes Wahoo Trolling Lures, Big Game Marlin Trolling Lures, Mahi Dorado Dolphin Trolling Lures, Tuna Lures for All Tuna Species, Vertical Assist Hook Jigs for Deep Jigging, Fluorocarbon Leader, Stainless Steel Cable Leader, California Yummee Unrigged and Rigged & Ready to Fish Flying Fish Kite Fishing Lures, and Hook Sets Stiff Hook Single & Double Rigs.

12/20/2019 New Kristal Neoprene Reel Covers

New neoprene reel covers for Kristal Reel models in 3 sizes: XL 621 & 625 Models, XL 651 & 655 Models & XF 651 & 655 Models. Covers fit all programmable, electric, electric & manual, and reels with or without our new integrated level winds. Check them out!

3/10/2020 Daytime Swordfishing Wahoo Marlin & Tuna Rod 80-150 LB Test

Our new Sceptre Gladiator big game rod features a Seeker IGFA 80-150 e-glass blank, #24 Winthrop Roller Tip, Fuji SIC guides, 0.875 IN ID EVA Foam Grip, & #4 Winthrop Adjustabutt Straight/Long Curved adjustable butt. Extreme fishing in fast current conditions.

03/10/2020 Daytime Swordfishing XXXXH Unlimited Class Big Game Fishing Rod

Our new Sceptre Gladiator unlimited class big game rod features a Seeker 6465 XXXXH e-glass blank, Fuji SIC Guides, #18 Winthrop Roller Tip, 0.875 IN ID Eva Foam Grip & a #4 Long Curved Unibutt. Land BIG fish with ease!

05/10/2022 Check out our new California Bluefin & Yellowfin Tuna Spreader Bars! Available in 250 or 400 LB test sizes. Choose your colors. Each bar comes with teaser birds, bulb or Fuku squid lures, and a trailing stinger lure. Killer on the shotgun position off your transom or center rigger!

03/10/2023 YES! Kristal has a new electric swordfish & dredge reel. Most powerful motor in Kristal's history. This reel features interchangeable large diameter narrow spools, and an ergonomic seamless infinitely adjustable single step adjustment 150 LB PLUS drag system, 150 LBS PLUS. Check out the new Kristal XG 2500!

Questions or special orders? Please feel free to reach out to me: (954) 263-6177