Jerry Brown Line Buyer's Guide

Jerry Brown Line Buyer's Guide

Jerry Brown Line One Product Information

Jerry Brown line is made from Spectra Fibers, a registered trademark product of Honeywell. The use of Spectra on fishing lines has revolutionized fishing lines as we know them. Unlike monofilament, Jerry Brown Spectra line has zero stretch, and excellent abrasion resistance. The lack of stretch makes Jerry Brown the ideal fishing line for setting hooks in deep water; this is why it has rapidly become the number one choice for spooling electric reels for deep drop fishing applications. Also, Jerry Brown Spectra Fishing Line is widely used in big game sport fishing applications. The lack of stretch allows for the quick setting of the hook. When used with circle hooks, Jerry Brown Spectra Fishing Line makes the safe release of billfish species quick and easy.

Jerry Brown Line One Spectra Braided Fishing Line falls into two categories:

* Jerry Brown Hollow Core Spectra Braided Line

* Jerry Brown Non-Hollow Solid Spectra Braided Line

Selecting Hollow vs. Non-Hollow (Solid Core) Fishing Line

Jerry Brown Hollow Core is more expensive than it's the counterpart, Non-Hollow (solid core). Therefore it is important to have an understanding of what application the line is going to be used for. First and foremost it is important to understand that Jerry Brown Hollow Core is NOT flat! Most anglers picture hollow core as a flat line. In actuality, Jerry Brown Hollow Core line is round and may be tied through the use of the Uni or San Diego knot. The advantage of hollow core is that it may be spliced through the use of threading, loop splicing, and reverse latch needles. Daho Products of Idaho specializes in these needles, and they feature a vast selection of sizes for your specific application.

Jerry Brown Hollow Core's main advantage is its ability to be spliced. As we all know the weakest link in fishing is knots, as well as terminal tackle. The use of hollow core eliminates the need for knots. Also, Jerry Brown hollow core may be opened with a loop needle, and monofilament, wire, or fluorocarbon may be inserted inside to create a wind on leader. Loops may also be created to attach terminal tackle, such as ball bearing swivels and snaps when needed. Another advantage is the line to line splice, which allows the angler to add line to a spool without using a knot. This is of particular interest to anglers who deep drop for bottom species and swordfish. In cases where 100 or 200 yards of line is cut off, Jerry Brown Hollow Core allows the angler to splice in the line without a knot. In the long run, this provides cost savings because the entire reel does not have to be re-spooled. Longevity of Spectra braided lines greatly exceeds the life of monofilament nylon lines. Jerry Brown Spectra fishing lines will last for years. And NO, it does not have to be "cleaned"! Once the line is on the reel, normal reel care will suffice.

Jerry Brown Solid Core Fishing Line is less expensive because it is non-hollow it is not spliceable. Therefore all connections are done using traditional methods. I recommend Jerry Brown Solid Spectra line for use on kite reels, spinners, and for applications where the use of hollow core does not merit the extra expense.

Jerry Brown Fishing Lines are available in the following colors: White, Hi-Vis Yellow, Green, Decade, Blue and the new Patriot metered line. Spool sizes range from 150 to 2500 yard spools. Line sizes range from 10 LB Test to 200 LB Test; Hollow Core is only available in 60 through 200 LB Test. There are larger sizes available, however, due to line diameter and the resulting spool sizes, these are best ordered via phone (954) 263-6177.

As of 2019, Jerry Brown has added the 90 LB Test hollow core line. This line is the same as 80 lb test, the difference is that the braids are looser. This allows for easier threading of this thinner diameter line.

Also new for 2019, is the new Patriot Red White & Blue metered hollow core fishing line. This line features red, white, and blue color increments every 10 yards. The 3 color intervals allow for easier counting while line is let out. The Patriot is available in hollow core line sizes 60 through 200 LB test. All spool sizes are available, and as with all Jerry Brown line products, a custom spool size is never a problem.

I have been a Jerry Brown dealer for over 18 years. Jerry is an experienced angler with a wealth of knowledge and extensive big game fishing experience. One of my favorite people to talk to, Jerry always has the time to explain the process of using hollow core line, and is very dedicated to his customers. At BMC I only sell Jerry's products, the line has never let me down and it is the only braided line that I use on all my personal fishing gear.

At we have 2 methods for purchasing Jerry Brown Line One Spectra Braided line, you can find it by using hollow core spool sizes, solid core spool sizes, or you can select line color.

Louis CEO/Owner

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