About the LP S-1200 Reel

About the LP S-1200 Reel

About Lindgren Pitman's LP S-1200 Electric Fishing Reel & Dredge Puller - BMC Buyer's Guide

The LP S1200 is one very impressive electric reel. I had the privilege of taking the tour at Lindgren Pitman headquarters here in our hometown of Pompano Beach Florida. I was impressed with the impeccable machining, stringent quality control process, and most of all American craftsmanship at it's finest! Quality is evident throughout the entire facility, impressive and nothing short of amazing. The quality and superiority of American manufacturing PLUS attention to detail results in the superiority and performance of Lindgren Pitman products.

This reel has a few features that are decisively different from other reels. First and foremost the reel features an interchangeable spool system that is both quick and simple. This allows the angler to have as many spare spools of line as he/she wants, allowing not only different line sizes but also different line types. For example, an angler who daytime swordfishes may like to use 65 LB braided line, yet that very same angler also likes to pull triple tiered dredges, the S-1200 allows this to happen through a simple change of the spool. There are two types of spools available, nylon aka "composite spool", and the titanium spool for infinite longevity.

LP Titanium Spool & Composite Spool

LP S-1200 Titanium & Composite Spare Spools

Given the ability to have several spare spools aboard your vessel, the fishing opportunities are nothing short of unlimited. It is important to note that since the reel has a level wind, it is imperative that the level wind feature has the standard adjustable function featured on the LP S-1200. This function is especially important when switching spools for it allowing the angler to maintain line order upon changing the spool. It is important to note that the level wind must be used when spooling not only your main spool, but your spare spools as well. Once spooled, a small piece of tape should be used to tape the tag end to the location where the level wind completed the spooling process of your spare spools. This will allow for a quicker more comprehensive changing of the spool as well as adjustment of the level wind's location.

LP S-1200 Reel Butt Base Clamp System

LP S-1200 Rod Butt Base Clamp System

The LP S1200 features reel base clamps instead of a standard reel seat. This is a clear advantage because the clamps allow the weight of the reel to be equally distributed on the actual butt of the rod, instead of on the fixed rear hood, adjustable top hood, and the double collet nuts of the aluminum butt. Unbeknownst to a lot of anglers the rear hood of aluminum butts are glued to the aluminum pipe of the butt. This hood is designed to hold reels based on the line class of the butt itself. In addition, the rear hood is meant to hold a reel whose weight is equally distributed. I strongly recommend no smaller than a #4 aluminum butt. All our Sceptre Deep Drop and Swordfish Rods feature #4 aluminum butts, as well as optional #6 butts for those who prefer the unlimited class butt sizes.

Due to the power of the LP S1200 and it's high torque capabilities each LP S-1200 reel comes complete with the Hubbell HBL 3280 CP 30 AMP 28 VDC male plug. The female Hubbell plug required for installation is the HBL 3280 CR, which is available in our store. We also have a complete wiring kit that includes both male & female Hubbell connectors, Blue Seas System Bussman Series 187 30 AMP circuit breaker, and 8 gauge tinned electrical wire. As with all electric reels, the LP S-1200 should be connected to any group 27 lead-acid deep cycle battery that is independent of your starting battery. The standard length cord that comes with your LP S-1200 must never be shortened or altered in any way, the length of the cord is designed for the specific connection requirements of the LP S-1200 electric fishing reel.

LP S-1200 Reel Digital Display

LP S-1200 Large Digital Display & Push Button Controls

The large display digital line counter of the S1200 is easy to see, and very readable in direct sunlight. The display provides an accurate measurement of line out, and it is also backlit for enhanced visibility during PM hours or overcast days. In order to understand the functionality of the AutoStop feature, It is important to understand that the line counter never goes into negative numbers, the display & the reel will always stop at ZERO. While the display will not go into negative numbers, the RESET button on the reel will allow you to set an adjusted ZERO baseline at the exact location you want your reel to stop reeling.

Overall the Lindgren Pitman S 1200 is an impressive electric reel that is loaded with unique features not available on any other reels. This reel features the necessary power to take on big fish in big waters! It also doubles as a very powerful electric reel for pulling the largest of dredge teasers.

Questions? I can always be reached at (954) 263-6177.

Louis CEO/Owner BMC Tackle Inc

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