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Kite Fishing Gear

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Are you a professional looking for the best kite fishing gear and accessories? Are you new to kite fishing and are not too sure about kite fishing processes? is the place for anglers of every skill level. We carry the best selection of kite fishing accessories and the best online prices. Guaranteed!

When you shop, you’ll find everything you need for kite fishing including electric & manual kite reels & kite rods, SFE fishing kites, helium systems, kite line markers, kite rings, flying fish lures, and kite fishing specialty items & accessories! is the most unique kite fishing retailer in the world. We are available to provide information and kite fishing instructions to anglers that have little to no experience with fishing kite techniques. Want to know more about using a fishing kite to catch fish? About Kite Fishing is an informative article about everything you need to know about using a kite to catch fish. 

At BMC we are experienced kite anglers eager to share our knowledge and time, just give us a call! (954) 263-6177


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