SFE Fishing Kites

SFE Fishing Kites

SFE Fishing Kites - All SFE Kite Models & Wind Speed Applications

Handmade in the USA, SFE Fishing Kites are available in several different models classified by wind speed ranges. When it comes to flight stability and impeccable performance, SFE Is way ahead of the pack. America's number ONE tournament & entry-level fishing kites.

New to kite fishing? You've come to the right place! We are the most unique kite fishing retailers in the world. Our staff is always available to provide information and kite fishing instructions to anglers that have little to no experience with kite fishing techniques. At BMC we are experienced kite anglers eager to share our knowledge and time, just give us a call! (954) 263-6177.

FAST same day free shipping via Priority Mail and a set of kite rings at no extra charge with ALL SFE kite purchases.

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"SFE Kites are often imitated, but NEVER duplicated!"
Louis CEO/Owner BlueMarlinChronicles.com