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Daytime Swordfishing 450 Hour Commercial Diamond Fishing Light

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Water Activated Commercial Daytime Deep Drop Sword Fishing Strobe Lights

  • 450 Hour Battery Life (See Buyer's Guide)
  • Depths to 2000 Feet
  • Turns ON when placed in water
  • Turns OFF when removed from water

Available in Oyster Blue, Green Glow, White Glow, and the 250 HR Disco Multicolored lights.

Buyer's Guide

450 Hour Water Activated Diamond Commercial Fishing Strobe Lights

I recommend these inexpensive commercial lights for daytime swordfish deep dropping, as well as night swordfishing applications. Excellent for use with fishing lines of 130 LB test to unlimited class.

I just concluded testing on these lights. I dropped one in a glass here at the office on 8/25/2016 @ midnight and it was finally done flashing on 9/13/2016. I wasn't watching when it finally went out, so I do not have an exact time, however, the light flashed continuously for at least 19 days, giving it a rating of at least 450 hours. In addition to testing them for time, I also placed it in our weekend beer ice slush and it worked just fine in the cold water. The solid diamond construction, these lights can be dropped down to 2000 feet.


These lights must be stored individually in their own bags. Storage must be dry. These lights will self-activate if stored in a group and greatly diminish their battery life.

Louis CEO/Owner

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