Penn Fathom 7:1 Gear Ratio Lever Drag Reel

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Penn Fathom 7:1 Gear Ratio Lever Drag Reel

Ultrafast 5 feet per crank of line retrieve. The Penn Fathom's large spool diameter and 7:1 gear ratio allows for fast slack line pickup and the ultimate landing of the fish. Boasting a line capacity of 550 yards of 20 LB monofilament, 550 yards of 80 LB braid, and a whopping 650 yards of 65 LB braided line, this reel has all the features necessary for live bait fishing.

This reel has a max drag setting of 40 LBS, smooth drag, and excellent drag curve, which allows the angler a large variety of lighter drag settings. Lighter drags are imperative when targeting soft mouth species, or when using smaller hooks and terminal tackle. King Mackerel and Sailfish anglers will love this reel.

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Penn Fathom 7:1 Gear Ratio Lever Drag Reel

"Wow!", that is the best word to describe this new reel from Penn. Fast, very fast line retrieve at 60 inches per crank. This reel was designed with anglers who fish king mackerel, and sailfish tournaments in mind. The large diameter spool and 7:1 gear ratio is perfect for live baiting off the kites. At 60 inches per crank (5 feet) this reel will allow you to tighten up quickly after the bite.

The Penn Fathom 7:1 reel has a maximum drag of 40 LBS, however, the drag curve features gradual ramping and a ratchet lever drag that allows for click-through drag settings. This reel allows you to set the drag as light or as heavy as you want. Whether your live bait techniques involve kites, drifting with flat lines, downriggers, or slow trolling, this reel will exceed your expectations.

I have this reel available in combos featuring our Sceptre Stealth Live Bait Rods which are available in 3 different sizes, 12-20, 20-30, & 30-40 LB Class.

Louis Owner/CEO

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Lever Drag

7:1 Gear Ration

Ratchet Drag System

MAX Drag 40 LBS

Line Capacity 450 YDS 20 LB Mono or 450 YDS 80 LB Braid

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