Avet HXW 5/2 Raptor Fishing Reel

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Avet HXW 5/2 Raptor Fishing Reel

The HXW 5/2 Raptor with Dual Drag feature Avet's quick shift gear change that allows the angler to change gears without removing their hand from the handle, as well as Avet's legendary dry drag system. The Raptor allows for higher drag pressures while maintaining full free spool capability. In addition, the HXW features a STRIKE stop button to prevent accidental advancement to the FULL drag position.

The lever drag system features a ratcheting "click-through" drag lever that allows the angler more control over fine drag settings while securing the setting through the ratcheting mechanism. Avet's new Direct Drive Dual caliper brake system, and oversized carbon fiber drags, allow the Raptor Series to achieve exceptionally high drag pressures.

When fished with 80 LB braided Spectra fishing line, this reel can hold 660 yards.

The also features Avet's ergonomic power handle. The HXW is not available with the MC, cast control feature.

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