Avet LX 6.0 G2 Fishing Reel with BMC Sailfish Drag

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Avet LX 6.0 G2 Fishing Reel with BMC Sailfish Drag

Outfitted with our BMC drag modification, the LX 6.0 G2 is hard to beat when it comes to catching sailfish, and winning tournaments. The G2 features a click-through ratchet lever drag, that allows fine-tuning of your drag settings. Fast retrieval speeds allow the angler to pick up slack line quickly, and tighten up when fishing the mandatory non-offset tournament legal circle hooks. When fished with 20 LB test line, this reel has a line capacity of 500 yds, 30 LB test monofilament, yields a line capacity of 350 yds.

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Avet LX 6.0 G2 Fishing Reel with BMC Sailfish Drag

The Avet LX 6.0 G2 features a click-through ratchet drag lever for improved drag settings. Featuring the BMC drag update that allows for a more gradual drag curve, which allows anglers to fish a lighter drag when fishing live baits off the kites, as well as on the flat lines. Ideal drag settings and fast retrieve make this reel an outstanding choice for fishing sailfish tournaments.

I personally use the Avet LX Series exclusively when fishing sailfish tournaments in South Florida. 7 FT live bait rods are the perfect rods to combo with this reel. The G2 will fit in both plastic, and aluminum 22 and 24 mm diameter reel seats. I recommend my Sceptre 7 FT Sailfish Tournament Series Rods with E-glass blanks.

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