Sea Angler Blue Line Grips

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Sea Angler Line Grips - Blue

Sea Angler Gear's new Line Grips allow the angler to prevent rod line tangles, as well as exposed hooks, which may be a safety hazard in addition to being a total nuisance. The new Sea Angler Line Grips will also allow you to secure and organize your lures, as well as keep your leaders and line secured to the rod. This will allow you to safely and neatly stow and transport your fully rigged fishing rods. Each Package of Sea Angler Line Grips includes a total of 6 line grips.

In addition to using on your rods, the line grips will also allow you to secure outrigger lines, as well as downrigger swivels, and other applications.

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Sea Angler Line Grips - BLUE

Sea Angler's new Line Grips are an awesome way to keep lines and hooks from getting tangled when you are carrying your rigged outfits to and from your boat, pier, or other fishing location. There is nothing more annoying than arriving at your boat, and then de-tangling the rods, while getting stuck with exposed hooks, etc. Sea Angler Line Grips eliminate this problem by allowing you to keep your line, hooks, leader, and lures secured to the rod.

When using long leaders with ball bearing swivels, you can now wrap your leader around the reel, and it will stay there! In addition to using these to organize my rigged outfits, I also found these line grips to be very useful to secure my outrigger release clips, kite rod release clips, and the ball bearing swivels on my downriggers. No more buried swivels on my downrigger pulley, or snap swivels getting caught on rods, cleats, and other structures.

Storing these is easy, you can put them in your pocket, or even attach them to the spokes on your vessels steering wheel!

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