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Daiwa Tanacom 1000 Electric Kite Reel Combo

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Daiwa Tanacom T-1000 Complete Kite Fishing Rod & Reel Combo

Our combo features Daiwa's fully programmable Tanacom 1000 electric kite reel, featuring auto-stop, level wind, and smooth lever operated speed control. Comes complete with our Sceptre PRO-Tournament Series Kite Rod with detachable uni-buttm unibutt, lure keeper, & Winthrop SS Kite Tip. This combo features a Black's Multi-colored 3 Release Clip Kit, and our Kite Rigging Kit, which features a total of 410 yards of pre-cut Jerry Brown 80 LB Spectra Line in 4 different colors. Shipping included in price.

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Daiwa Tanacom 1000 Electric Kite Reel & Rod Combo

When it comes to smooth operation, the Daiwa Tanacom 1000 electric kite reel is hard to beat. The Tanacom 1000 features a progressive smooth speed control that facilitates quick and seamless kite retrieval speeds. Kite retrieval speeds will vary with wind conditions, and kite design. Kites with spars will require a retrieval speed that is consistent with manufacturer's wind tolerance specifications. It is important to point out that retrieval speeds that are too fast will result in broken kites, the Tanacom 1000 eliminates that problem because it allows for infinite speed adjustments. More great features are the Auto-Stop, which allows the angler to stop the kite at a preselected altitude, eliminating the need for redeployment, and Daiwa's level wind, which eliminates the need to manually guide the line during retrieval.

Simply stated, Daiwa's Tanacom 1000 is the ideal electric kite reel for tournament fishing, nothing comes close!

This combo includes our Sceptre Tournament Series Kite Rod with Winthrop Tip. The weakest point of most kite rods is the rod tip guide. The passage of the braided line together with swivels will immediately begin to eat away the metal of the rod tip guide. Eventually, the line will go through the metal creating a rough surface that will break the line. The breakage of the kite line, while the kite is in flight, may result in losing the kite as well as your release clips, baits, and swivels, not to mention a trophy fish! Our Sceptre Winthrop PRO-Tournament Series Kite Rod eliminates that problem through the use of the Stainless Steel Winthrop Kite Tip. The Winthrop kite rod tip guide will not break when spectra braided lines, dacron, or swivels are passed through it.

The Sceptre PRO-Tournament Series Kite Rod is a full sized kite rod measuring at 36 inches in length. This professional grade super heavy duty kite rod features an aluminum uni-butt that can easily accommodate the Daiwa Tanacom 1000 electric kite reel, Kristal 601 M, and the Banax Kaigen 1000 electric reel.

Our 3 Release Clip Kite Reel Rigging Kit takes the guesswork out of rigging a kite reel. The BMC Kite Rigging Kit includes 3 pre-drilled multicolored Black's Release Clips and 410 yards of precut 80 LB Jerry Brown Braided Spectra Line. This kit comes complete with rigging instructions and everything you need to rig your kite reel right the first time. Total of 4 different colored lines allowing the angler to identify clip deployment timeframes. Our kit is fully customizable for those anglers who wish to use less spacing between lines.

This kit allows the angler 90 feet of line between the 3 release clips, 150 feet of scope (distance from kite to first clip), and 300 yards of backing. Using 150 feet of scope is essential when fishing larger baits such as bluefish for tuna, and lively blue runners / jacks. The closer the first clip is to the kite, the easier it is for the kite to be pulled down when the strike occurs, this is why using at least 150 feet of scope is so important. Our kite rigging kit features the necessary scope to prevent this from happening.

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