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Diamond & AA Battery LED Deep Drop Fishing Lights

Diamond & AA Battery LED Deep Drop Fishing Lights

Commercial Water Activated & AA Battery Swordfish & Deep Drop Fishing Lights

These underwater submersible lithium and AA batteries are ideal for use in commercial deep-sea fishing applications and are available in blue, white, red, green, and the multicolor "Disco" color. Diamond Lights are water activated. When placed in water they turn on and turn off when removed from the water. The internal lithium battery is not replaceable, therefore these lights are disposable. Keep in mind that 450 hours are over 18 days of continuous use.

The KryptoLume Commercial LED AA Battery Sword Fishing Light is an AA battery-operated LED commercial deep drop and night swordfishing light. Fully submersible to depths of 700 meters. Comes complete with AA batteries, and a longline clip. Perfect light for attracting bottom-dwelling game fish, as well as swordfish to your baits.

Commercial fishing fleet bulk pricing available.