Kristal XL 621 M LW Electric Manual Level Wind Reel

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Kristal XL 621 M LW Electric 12 Volt Fishing Reel Manual Override & Level Wind

The XL 621 M LW Electric Deep Drop Reel with Level Wind and Manual override from Kristal Fishing is an excellent choice for fishing the depths. Kristal's power specs allow this reel to be fished in depths of 2000 FT and beyond. This reel has a fish pulling power of 700 LBS and a retrieval speed of 330 feet per minute. At BMC the 621-M LW comes standard with an aluminum spool. The manual handle provides for a powerful 1:1 ratio when fighting sword fish, wahoo, and other saltwater pelagic species

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Kristal XL 621 M LW Electric Fishing Reel Manual Override Level Wind

We recommend the Kristal XL 621-M LW as an all-around deep drop electric reel. This reel is the ideal electric deep drop reel for angler's who frequently deep drop in depths of 600 to 2000 feet and beyond. The M features a handle for manual operation. The 1:1 ratio allows for a powerful retrieve suitable for swordfish, as well as tuna, and other pelagic species that sound when fighting.

Louis Owner/CEO

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Weight 20 LBS

Line Capacity 1350 YDS of 130 LB or 1200 YDS of 200 LB Test Jerry Brown Line One Spectra

Line Retrieval Speed: 330 FPM based on a full spool

MAX Drag 90 LBS

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