Kristal Male 12/24 Volt 16 AMP Connector

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16 AMP Male Connector

New improved 12 or 24 volt Kristal PRM 16 AMP male connector features a threaded top that acts as both, a super strong strain relief, as well as top seal. In addition, the new PRM model features internal thicker brass wire inserts. (See pictures)


Thank you for visiting Three years ago we added 32 AMP connectors, some manufacturers that purchase from us have now switched to 32 AMP female connectors. You can verify the amperage of your connection by looking at the connector presently on your boat, reel, light, or accessory that you are looking to connect. Each connector has a label that identifies it as either a 16 or 32 AMP rated connection. If you are not sure, I am always available to personally assist you. You can text me, text a picture if needed, or speak with me at (954)263-6177

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16 AMP Male Connector

The 12 Volt male adapter is connected to the actual electrical component. This male connector is suitable for all 12 volt marine applications. This plug measures 5 3/8 inches in total length when threaded down completely.

Plug Features:

Our 12 volt plugs provide simple "push in" and "pull out" connections. The blue cap on the female plugs secure the male in position. Our plugs do not require a rotary action to secure the plug in place. Plugs that "twist on" and "twist off" wear out quickly, eventually leading to poor connections, as well as decreased performance from the electrical components that require the electrical source.

Electric reels are particularly sensitive to poor connections, such connections will result in decreased power, poor performance, and will eventually lead to costly repairs. Our plugs eliminate this common problem. Fishing lights that incorporate ballasts, are also sensitive to poor connections. We recommend using our plugs with all Kristal, HydroGlow, Alumiglo, Dolphin Reels, and Magnum tackle accessories.


The wiring of our plugs is very simple. There is a positive and a negative channel. The wires fit into each of these channels. Each channel has 2 screws, which when tightened, secure the wires within the channel, and the brass insert to the plug body. We recommend using outboard grease inside brass inserts, followed by silicone caulk/seal to protect against environmental hazards.

Strain Relief:

The new male plug features the strongest strain relief system in the industry. The new threaded cap will not only seal your wires, it will also tightly secure them to prevent the wires from coming out. The purpose of the strain relief is to prevent the wires from being pulled out of the plug, which occurs when the plugs are pulled incorrectly. The proper way to insert and remove the male plug from the female, is to hold the plug securely while inserting and removing. Pulling the plug out by pulling on the cable will over time create problems on any electrical connection.

We recommend using round cables instead of the flat "ribbon type". The round cables provide a better seal, and infinitely tighter connection.

Routine Maintanence:

Like all marine electrical connections and components, a fresh water rinse is imperative after each trip offshore. We recommend spraying down all your electronics with either of these products:

  • Super Slick Stuff
  • CRC
  • BoeShield

Soap is NEVER a good idea. Soap reduces the surface tension of the water, allowing salt to enter and cause corrosion.

The products outlined above are also excellent to spray down your tackle, as well as your engines. We strongly recommend using any of these.

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