10 in Mag Trak Lure - Dorado Pattern

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10 in Mag Trak Lure - Dorado Pattern

The 10 in Mag Trak is a straight swimming double hook lure that is capable of 20 knot high speed trolling speeds. When trolled off the stern in the boat’s prop-wash, this lure provides for erratic action when aggressive boat turns are taken. This action occurs when the lure is within or outside of the prop-wash itself. In addition, the patented HookMag technology will keep front hook in the zero degree strike position. This lure incorporates swivel connectors on both hooks to assure a solid hook up after the fish strikes.

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10 Inch Mag Trak Dorado Color Pattern High-Speed Wahoo Lure

10 Inch Lure with patented design to swim in a fashion that replicates baby wahoo

Double Rigged 10/0 304 Stainless Steel Hooks

Trolling Weight NOT Required - NO lead ecologically friendly

Can be trolled on flat lines, short rigger, and the center rigger shotgun position

Five colors to choose from Atlantic, Pacific, & Indopacific patterns

ABS Plastic Red Prism & Black Color Shell with through wire construction

Rigged with 500 lb test ball bearing swivels

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