Desperado Vaconita Skip Jack 8in High-Speed Wahoo Lure

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Desperado Vaconita Skip Jack 8in High-Speed Wahoo Lure

The Desperado Vaconita skip jack lures feature an enticing ratting effect to attract game fish. The body design provides a rapid short fluctuating wobble that produces vibration along with a multi-frequency rattling action. The sonic effect of the Desperado lures attracts a variety of gamefish at short and long distances from your boat. Vibrational energy travels longer distances when it comes to sub-surface trolling lures, especially at higher turbulent speeds.

This all-around sub-surface trolling lure attracts not only wahoo but tuna and dorado as well. This lure comes rigged and ready to fish with a double hook rig and Aussie swivels on each hook that provide a solid hook up when the fish strike!

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