Okuma Andros 12S SE Fishing Reel

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Okuma Andros 12S SE

Designed for extreme offshore performance and longevity, the Andros 12S SE features the most durable components and finest manufacturing materials. The Dual Force Drag System feature of this reel is a high efficiency "wet drag" that allows for maximum drag pressures and improved heat dissipation through the use of Cal Sheet's universal drag grease. The ratchet (click through) drag lever allows for a smooth drag curve, and fine-tuning for both light and heavy drag settings. Maximum drags with free spool are 27 LBS at Strike, and 34 LBS at Full.

This reel may be used with both monofilament and spectra braided fishing lines. The 6.4:1 Ratio and aluminum spool diameter allow for a quick 48 inches per crank line pick up rate. Suitable for kite fishing, the Andros 12S SE features ample maximum line capacities:

  • 560 Yards - 20 LB Test Mono / 80 LB Spectra Braid
  • 420 Yards - 30 LB Test Mono / 130 LB Spectra Braid

Buyer's Guide

Okuma Andros 12S SE Fishing Reel

Okuma is manufacturing some impressive fishing reels. I had the opportunity to fish these new models and they are nothing short of impressive. Made from only the finest most durable components available, Andros lever drag reels are designed for big game fishing. Tuna, Sailfish, Grouper, Kingfish, Wahoo, and others, are no match for the Andros.

This Reel is big on FEATURES!

About the Pull Bar Drag System:

The Andros 12S SE was specifically designed around the "Pull Bar Drag System". This drag system pulls the drag instead of pushing it, this prevents frame flex, reduced drag pressures, and alignment issues. The pull bar design will not put pressure on the frame, negating the need for a crossbar and allowing for smoother operations in this open top conventional reel.

The reel also features a Carbonite drag washer that is coated with Cal's Universal Drag Grease. The stainless steel drag plate is polished for maximum smoothness for high-end drag settings and consistently smooth drag performance at all drag settings. The surface area of the drag plate makes contact with the outer edges of the carbon fiber drag washer, which allows for equal distribution of drag pressure, and smoothness. This reel offers an adequate drag curve for both light and heavy drag settings.


No spur gears on this baby! The Andros 12S SE features helical (angle cut) cut gears which provide quiet, non-impact operations and improved torque that is not found on reels that feature spur cut gearing. In addition, all gears, main and pinion, drive and spool shafts, are made from 17-4 hybrid stainless steel material, which offers strength, corrosion resistance, and longevity. Okuma craftsmanship and selection of manufacturing materials provide for a tackle investment, not just a purchase.

Ratchet Drag:

This is my favorite lever drag configuration because it facilitates the setting of lighter drag settings. A ratchet drag features detents that allow for a bi-directional click-through operation that allows a gradual controlled increasing and decreasing of the drag setting. Coupled with a non-exponential drag curve, this system allows for a fine-tuned drag, especially when targeting species with soft mouths such as king mackerel. Okuma has secured this desirable drag curve through it's TDC cams, Tournament Drag Cam design.

Okuma's R&D, technological advancements, and manufacturing processes have culminated in a series of fishing reels of impeccable quality and performance.

Louis CEO/Owner

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