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SFE Ultra Light Fishing Kite

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SFE Ultralight Fishing Kite

The SFE Ultra Light Model 1670 flies in winds from 4 to 15 MPH. This kite allows anglers to fly kites in lower wind conditions. SFE Ultralight kites will eliminate a fair amount of helium needs. On windless days this kite will require the use of a helium balloon. At 38 x 38 inches, this kite is slightly larger than all of the other SFE kites.

SFE Kites fly steady and are the world's most stable fishing kites. Each kite is individually spared and balanced for peak performance. An SFE Kite will never let you down! Comes complete with storage case. This kite is currently available in WHITE only.

NOTE: The use of the SFE Ultralight Kite is specific for drifting live baits. I do not recommend this kite for trolling flying fish lures, or slow trolling live baits. The 38 x 38 in size has significantly more surface area and resulting wind resistance, the size is what allows this kite to "catch" more wind and fly in lower wind conditions. This is a lightweight kite that features lighter spars.

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Buyer's Guide

SFE Fishing Kites is by far the most unique kite fishing retailers in the world. Always available to provide information and kite fishing instructions to anglers that have little to no experience with fishing kite techniques. At BMC we are experienced kite anglers eager to share our knowledge and time, just give us a call!

We recommend the SFE Kites to all our customers who fish kites. The SFE is a professionally designed and handcrafted kite. Each kite is individually splined; this process assures that your SFE kite will fly steadily. All SFE Kites are individually handcrafted and manufactured in the USA and backed by an iron-clad warranty.

Unlike other "SFE Clones" made overseas, the SFE will not fly erratically. A steady flying kite is imperative to assure the successful deployment and overall quality of the kite fishing experience. The individual splining of each kite is what assures the performance of each kite. This is the most popular kite amongst professional tournament anglers, and the kite's performance is the very reason why.

The SFE is not the least expensive kite available. However, it is the only one that will perform flawlessly. We have tested several other kites and hands down the SFE is vastly superior to all the others. Kite fishing is a technique that requires practice; the SFE Kite will assure that your first and subsequent kite fishing experiences are enjoyable as well as productive.

As we say:
SFE Kites are Often Imitated, but NEVER duplicated!

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