Penn Spinfisher V 7500 Spinning Reel

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Penn Spinfisher V 7500 Spinning Reel

Heavily anodized aluminum and watertight design for battle on the high seas! The 7500 model features Penn's unique watertight design that prevents environmental damage to the reel. The Spinfisher 5th generation reels feature Penn's new spool design that incorporates a rubber gasket to prevent braided line slippage, negating the need for monofilament backing. In addition, Penn's new spool design features capacity rings to track how much line is left on the spool. The Spinfisher V 7500 from Penn has a gear ratio of 4.7:1, producing a line pick up rate of 36 inches per crank.

Monofilament Line Capacity:

15 LB Test 440 Yards 20 LB Test 300 Yards 30 LB Test 210 Yards

Braided Line Capacity:

40 LB Test 430 Yards 50 LB Test 360 Yards 65 LB Test 320 Yards


  • New thicker heavy duty aluminum bail wire adds strength and durability
  • 5 Shielded stainless steel bearing system
  • Infinite anti-reverse (back up ratchet on 7500-10500 sizes)
  • Friction trip ramp prevents premature bail trip when casting
  • Stainless steel main shaft and alloy main gear

Buyer's Guide

Penn Spinfisher V 7500 Spinning Reel

Impressive and built like a tank! The new revolutionary watertight design of the 7500 prevents the reel from environmental damage to the drag and internal gear mechanisms. This design proves Penn's commitment to designing reels for optimum performance and longevity. In addition, this reel features line capacity rings that allows the angler to determine how much reel is left on the spool, and how much line is out. This reel also features a rubber gasket to prevent line slippage, negating the need for monofilament backing when using the new Spectra braided fishing lines.

When looking at this reel up close it screams QUALITY! Everything from the handle to the bail is built for nothing short of hardcore performance, and longevity. This reel is extremely well built from a well thought out design. The gear ratio and line pickup rates are ideal for many different fishing applications. Picking up the slack line when a fish takes your kite line will never be the same again!

Hands down, all in all the 5th Generation Spinfishers from Penn are by far the most awesome spinning reels we have EVER fished.

Louis CEO/Owner

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