Avet PRO-EX 80 Wide 2 Speed Fishing Reel

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Avet PRO-EX 80 LB Class 2 Speed Big Game Fishing Reel.

Marlin, Swordfish, and other big game species are no match for the Avet 80 Wide 2 Speed Fishing Reel.

  • 50 LBS Drag at Strike 57 LBS Drag at Full
  • High Retrieve Ratio: 2.7:1 Low Retrieve Ratio: 1.3:1
  • 1000 Yards of 80 LB Test Monofilament Line
  • 1000 Yards of 200 LB Test Braided Line

We stock the Pro-Ex 80 2 Speed Reel in SILVER. All other colors are special order.

Buyer's Guide

Avet PRO-EX 80 Wide 2 Speed Big Game Fishing Reel

Avet's PRO-Ex 80 is an 80 LB Class 2 Speed Wide aluminum lever drag fishing reel with a crossbar for added strength. This reel may be used for all types of offshore trolling, as well as for fishing the bottom. The reel foot of the reel allows this reel to be ideally mounted on a 24 mm diameter reel seat, or a #2 (50-80 LB Class), or a #6 (80-130 LB Class) aluminum butt, depending on the fishing application. Those wishing to stand up fish may use this reel effortlessly. At 6.4 LBS this reel is manageable. A short curved #2 butt would be my first choice for standup or bottom fishing when using the 80 lb class reels. If used for deep dropping off the bottom, the #4 80-130 class curved aluminum butt is imperative if you choose to add an electric drive to the reel. The wide version of the Avet 80 LB class reels, allows for large line capacity. Those wishing to have the best of both worlds may consider a rod with a store-a-butt that allows the angler to change from straight to short curved, or long curved, without the need to remove the reel from the reel seat. This reel is ideal for fishing off a marlin or tuna chair, and the perfect size with the necessary line capacity to daytime swordfish.

This is a 2-speed reel. The high retrieve allows for 39 inches per crank of line pick up speed, while the more powerful, and less stressful low retrieve allows for 19 inches per crank. The Avet 580 Wide is a great choice for fishing offshore. This reel is perfectly capable of handling marlin, tuna, mahi, and it is also suitable for fishing the bottom, for grouper, and other bottom dwellers. This reel may be spooled with 80 LB Test Monofilament, or 80 LB to 200 LB test braided Spectra for larger line capacity. The T-Bar handle is ergonomically designed for angler comfort.

In addition, we also have an electric drive manufactured by Dolphin Electric Reels that will fit this reel. This allows the angler to use the reel as an electric deep drop, swordfishing, or power assist reel. The Dolphin Motor Drive allows the angler to keep all the functions of a big game reel while maintaining total reel balance on the rod. Our motors DO NOT HANG on the side of the reel, instead, the weight is equally distributed across the reels width. This allows the reel to be more manageable, and because it is balanced, it will NOT put uneven weight on the rod butt. The power cord on the Dolphin Drive is removable, this allows the reel to be used stand up and facilitates moving around the boat since the angler is not tethered to an electrical cord.

The patented Dolphin Drive features a motor that can pull 175 LBS of dead weight, as well as a warranty on the drive. In addition, the drive can be anodized to match the color of the reel. When using the Dolphin Drive, the reel handle will NOT turn. Electric reels where the handle turns when the reel is turned on, present a safety hazard that may cause serious injury. The Dolphin Electric Reel handle assembly is an exclusive patent of Dolphin Electric Reels. For additional information on our electric drive, please call (954) 263-6177.

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