Avet EX 80 Wide 3 Speed Reel

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The Avet EX 80 Wide 3 Speed big game reel features 3-speed performance and boasts an incredible 46 inch per crank line pick up speed on the high-speed ratio of 3.2:1. This reel also features the mid-range 2:1 ratio, and the mighty 1:1 "winch" ratio for huge tuna, swordfish, and other big game species that sound when hooked.

This reel features a line capacity of 1250 yards of 130 LB Test Hollow Core Spectra line with plenty of room for a mono top shot and 2320 yards when full to capacity with braid. Drag is 50 LBS at STRIKE, and 57 LBS at FULL. The new Avet 80 Wide 3-speed is available in Avet's new matte black anodized finish, as well as the traditional Silver, Gold, and Blue finishes. This reel features the top crossbar for added strength.

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Avet PRO-EX 80 Wide 3 Speed Reel

Not since the early days of Fin-Nor has there been a 3-speed big game reel made available to anglers. Hands down, Avet's new revolutionary EX-80 3-speed reel sets the new standard for big game offshore fishing performance.

The advantages of a 3-speed reel speak for themselves. The major difference is a high speed retrieve suitable for fighting topwater fish that fight on the surface such as Marlin. Avet's high-speed ratio pulls an incredible 46 inches per crank, which comes in handy for getting rid of slack, and coming tight on the fish. The 2nd speed is a powerful 2.0:1 ratio that pulls 29 inches per crank, allowing the angler easier cranking at a moderate rate of retrieval, and lastly, the mighty 1:1 ratio that pulls 14 inches of line per crank, allowing for easy cranking, less angler fatigue, at a slow, but yet powerful retrieval rate. This reel features ALL the versatility you need to catch any fish that swims!

The 3-speed Avet 80 is the ideal reel for catching Marlin, Tuna, and Swordfish. A grander of any size is no match for Avet's new EX-80 3-speed reel. This reel features a top crossbar for added strength & durability.

Louis, CEO/Owner

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