Blackfin Tuna Lure Rigged & Ready to Fish - Purple

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Centerfire Purple Blackfin Tuna Lure - Rigged & Ready to Fish

By far one of the most productive Blackfin Tuna Lures on the market. This deep tuna purple blackfin tuna lure from Centerfire Lures comes rigged and ready to fish. The 30.06 comes in the ideal size that blackfin tuna love to devour. This lure is also good on skipjack tuna, and other tunas found in the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico.

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Centerfire Blackfin Tuna Lure 30.06 Purple Tuna Color

Trolled in the shotgun position way back away from the motors. Most productive trolling speeds are 4 to 7 knots. Very effective on Blackfin, Skipjacks, and False Albacore - Bonito. If you are looking for a lure to target Blackfin Tuna, this is it. When you need Bonito bellies for bait, look no further than this lure. Load'em up!

Louis CEO/Owner

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4 to 7 knot Trolling Speeds

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