Kite Reel Line & 3 Release Clip Rigging Kit

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Kite Reel Line & 3 Release Clip Rigging Kit

This kit comes complete with a Black's 3 Release Clip Kit and 450 YD spool of Jerry Brown 80 LB test Patriot Hollow Core red, white, & blue multicolored metered line. Each interval of red, white, and blue colors is equal to 10 YDS (30 FT). A 450 yd spool will fill both the Kristal XL 601 and Daiwa Tanacom 1000 electric kite reels. Click on our Buyer's Guide tab above to get important information for setting up kite line and release clips.

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Kite Reel Line & 3 Release Clip Rigging Kit

Kite Reel Line & 3 Release Clip Rigging Kit

Jerry Brown's new multicolor Patriot metered line consists of 10 YD increments of red, white, and blue line. Each time you see a red, white, and blue color segment, a total payout of 10 yards, or 30 feet of line has been let out, or 10 feet for each color. This makes it easy to count the number of feet you want between your release clips, as well as the distance from your 1st clip to the kite, which is defined as your "scope".

Say you want 45 feet between your release clips. In order to accomplish 45 feet, you would count:

1 red 10 FT, + 1 white 10 FT + 1 blue 10 FT + 1 more red 10 FT + 1/2 of the next white segment 5 FT = TOTAL OF 45 FEET

The distances between release clips can vary from angler to angler. The "normal" (most common) range is anywhere from 20 to 60 feet. When it comes to scope, that distance can be as high as 150 FT or more.

As previously mentioned, the scope is the distance between your kite and the first release clip,(release clip closest to the kite). The heavier the baits used, the longer the scope MUST be. Anglers using bluefish when live baiting for bluefin tuna typically use a scope of 150 FT or more. A bluefish will fight harder to go below the surface than a pilchard, google eye, or other popular live bait. The longer scope allows the kite to have more "wind bite" so when the fish is pulling to stay beneath the surface, and said fish gets eaten, followed by the release of the line from the release clip, the longer scope will absorb all that activity without pulling the kite down to the water. Smaller baits require less scope. If the scope is too short, your kite will certainly go for a swim when a fish takes your bait. Best practice is to always have more scope than you need. Our kite reel kits have sufficient line to accomplish any scope length needed.

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450 YDS Jerry Brown 80 LB Hollow Core Patriot Braided Spectra Line

Black's 3 Release Clip Kite Kit

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