Kristal XL 601-M Electric Manual Kite Teaser Reel

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Kristal XL 601-M Electric Manual Kite Reel

The Kristal XL 601-M is an electric fishing reel who's primary use is kite fishing. The M model provides a manual handle that allows the user to use the reel in one of 3 ways:

  1. 100% Electrical Function
  2. 100% Manual Function
  3. Power Assist - Electrical & Manual at the same time.

The XL 601 M features a powerful motor that will retrieve kites in heavy winds. This reel functions at a retrieval speed that is consistent with the type of kite being used. Kristal's rate of retrieval is consistent with kite spar tolerances. When retrieval speeds are too high the kite's surface area vs. the increased wind that the reel creates may be excessive resulting spar failure on the way down.

The 601 M will work flawlessly when used with any of the SFE fishing kites. Wind conditions are the deciding factor on which kite is selected. SFE Kites are classified by wind speeds. The kites you decide to own will depend on the size of your boat, and the type of days you will fish, and the type of days that you won't.

If you are trolling with the kite with flying fish lures, live or dead baits, the wind speed, plus boat speed will most likely require the use of one of the SFE kites with holes. The holes allow wind to pass through, and also serve to decrease the surface area of the kite, and it's resistance to the wind, as well as throughout the retrieval process.

The SFE 12-30 MPH wind kite has proven to be the most commonly used kite in California where most of the trolled flying fish techniques are employed.

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Kristal 601-M Electric Kite & Teaser Reel

The Kristal 601-M has been around for quite some time. Anglers have primarily used this reel for kite fishing, and for pulling surface teasers such as daisy chains, bowling pin rigs, and spreader bars. The powerful motor allows this reel to be used for light to medium bottom fishing applications, such as tilefish, and even stripers.

The XL 601 M also features a manual override handle for manual operations.

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Additional Information/Details/Specifications/Videos

Weight: 10 LBS

Line Capacity: 500 YDS of 80 LB Test Jerry Brown Line One Spectra

Max Drag: 30 LBS

Retrieval Speed: 100 FPM based on a full spool

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