Kristal XF 655 DM Broadbill Programmable 12-volt Electric Swordfish & Dredge Reel

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Kristal XF 655 DM LW Broadbill Swordfish & Electric Dredge Reel

Fully programmable 12 volt electric reel with manual override, variable speed, and integrated level wind. The XF Models are the most powerful electric reels manufactured by Kristal Fishing. Best swordfishing reel for catching swordfish in the Gulf of Mexico.

This reel requires connection to a 50 AMP breaker.

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Kristal XF 655 DM LW Broadbill Swordfishing & Electric Dredge Reel

Most powerful reel in Kristal's offshore arsenal. This reel is fully programmable, includes AutoStop, auto jigging, and a digital line counter. The max drag of 150 LBS assures that this reel can pull any size triple tiered dredges. The manual override handle has a powerful 1:1 ratio, ideal for fish that sound when they fight, namely swordfish and tuna. This reel has ample line capacity and a max retrieval speed of 420 FPM adjustable down to zero.

Louis CEO/Owner

Additional Information/Details/Specifications/Videos:

Weight:29 LBS

Line Capacity: 1800 YDS of 130 LB Test or 1700 YDS of 200 LB Test Jerry Brown Line One Spectra Fishing Line

Brutal Max Drag: 150 LBS

Retrieval Speed: 420 FPM based on a full spool

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