Kristal XL 621 24 Volt Electric Deep Drop Reel

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Kristal XL 621 24 Volt Electric Deep Drop Fishing Reel

The Kristal 621 24 volt Electric Deep Drop Fishing Reel is an economical electric reel ideal for fishing bottom. The 621 is the most popular reel amongst anglers who fish the Bahamas and Florida waters.

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Kristal XL 621 Electric 24 Volt Deep Drop Reel

We recommend the Kristal 621 as an all-around deep drop electric reel. This reel is the ideal electric deep drop reel for angler's who deep drop occasionally in depths of 600 to 2000 feet. The 621 features the necessary performance characteristics to fit your deep drop needs.

Louis CEO/Owner

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Weight 19 LBS

Line Capacity 1350 YDS of 130 LB or 1200 YDS of 200 LB Test Jerry Brown Line One Spectra

Line Retrieval Speed: 330 FPM based on a full spool

MAX Drag 90 LBS

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