Dredge Pulley

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Dredge Pulley

Our dredge pulley allows the user to open and close the pulley negating the need to thread the line through the pulley. Manufactured of strong ABS composite these pulleys may be used to pull single, double, and triple tiered dredges off outriggers, and other devices.

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Dredge Pulley

This dredge pulley allows the user to open the pulley to thread the line, and then close it. This important function allows the user to put the mainline on the pulley with out the need of threading it. The pulley is simply opened, the line is placed on the wheel, and the pulley is then closed. This facilitates the process by eliminating the need to remove swivels when putting up or taking down dredge pulley systems.

Louis, CEO
BMC Tackle Inc.

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