Kristal XL 601

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Kristal XL 601 Electric Kite Light Deep Drop & Teaser Reel

The Kristal XL 601 is an electric fishing reel that is ideal for light deep drop applications such as vermilion snapper, gray tilefish, and smaller saltwater bottom dwellers. This reel is mostly used for kite fishing and for pulling top water teasers such as daisy chains and pin teasers. Easy to mount on the bridge for easy access while trolling offshore.

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Kristal 601 Electric Kite & Teaser Reel

The Kristal 601 has been around for quite some time. Anglers have primarily used this reel for kite fishing, and for pulling surface teasers such as daisy chains, bowling pin rigs, and spreader bars. The powerful motor allows this reel to be used for light to medium bottom fishing applications, such as tilefish, and even stripers. The lightweight and compact size of the 601 allows it to be mounted on your bridge, or t top, providing an ergonomic and easily accessible electric teaser reel.

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Weight: 10 LBS

Line Capacity: 500 YDS of 80 LB Test Jerry Brown Line One Spectra

Max Drag: 30 LBS

Retrieval Speed: 100 FPM based on a full spool

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