Kristal XL 651 Electric Deep Drop & Dredge Reel

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Kristal XL 651 Electric Dredge & Deep Drop Reel

Featuring an aluminum spool, this reel has ample power providing the angler with the lifting and pulling power to land big fish. The maximum drag capabilities of this reel allow it to pull large single, double, and triple tiered dredges. The Kristal XL 651 is capable of fishing depths of 2500 feet plus, making it a great choice for daytime swordfish drops.

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Kristal XL 651 Electric Deep Drop & Dredge Reel

This reel is the 12 -Volt XL 651. Featuring an aluminum spool that allows the use of spectra braided lines, and nylon monofilament lines, this reel has outstanding line capacity. Easily spool 1500 yards of 200 LB spectra line, and even more line, when either 65, 80, or 130 lb spectra is used.

Louis CEO/Owner

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Weight: 28 LBS

Retrieval Speed: 440 FPM Based on a full spool

Line Capacity: 1600 YDS of 130 LB Test or 1500 YDS of 200 LB Test Jerry Brown Line One Spectra

Max Drag: 120 LBS

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