Kristal XL 655 DM LW 24 Volt Electric Fishing Reel

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Kristal XL 655 DM LW Series Programmable 24 Volt Electric Deep Drop Reel Manual Handle

  • Automatic Jigging & Variable Speed Control
  • Auto Stop Feature
  • Line Counter
  • Built in Level Wind
  • Lever Drag
  • Conventional Reel Handle for manual operation

In order for a digital line counter to be accurate, line diameter must be taken into account. As we all know the smaller the line diameter, the more line you can put on the reel. For optimum performance and accuracy, Kristal's digital line counter is programmable for lines ranging from 50 to 200 LB test. This BMC Metallic Blue reel also features AutoStop, which allows the angler to automatically stop the reel from reeling in at a predetermined depth. Max Drag 120 LBS!

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Kristal XL 655 DM LW Series Programmable 24 Volt Electric Deep Drop Fishing Reels with Manual Handle

The power and performance to tame big fish in deep waters. This reel features not only programmable features, but also a manual handle with a powerful 1:1 gear ratio that allows the angler to manually fight big fish such as tuna, and swordfish.

In addition to power, Kristal Computerized Programmable Electric Fishing Reels have the following features:

  • Manual Retrieve Handle
  • Lever Drag
  • Automatic Stop
  • Line Counter
  • Automatic Jigging Option
  • Variable Speed Control
  • Built In Level Wind
  • Realistic lifting capacity for light to heavy saltwater fishing requirements

In addition, we are an authorized Kristal dealer, we can provide you with parts and service for all the reels. We stock everything from screws to casings.

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Kristal 24 Volt XL 655 DM LW Technical Specifications

Line Capacity: 1200 YDS 200 LB Test Hollow Core Line

Variable Speed Control: 0 to 360 FPM

Weight : 16 LBS

Dimensions: 12 x 10 x 11

Power: 24 Volt

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