Pink & Metal Flake Glow Black Stripe Daisy Chain

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Pink & Metal Flake Glow Black Stripe Daisy Chain Teaser


  • 6 Clone Head Skirts
  • Rigged and Ready to Fish!
  • 200 LB Test Monofilament
  • Stay-Dry Heavy Duty Storage Bag
  • Snap Swivel at rear
  • Mono-loop at front of the chain
  • Free Shipping Anywhere in the US

Buyer's Guide

About Lure & Teaser Colors - Best Color

Lures & teasers come in a variety of solid colors and color combinations. The following is a guide for color selection based on offshore conditions.

Bright Sunny Days:

On bright sunny days the pinks, blues, purples, reds, oranges, & turquoise colors work well. These main colors may be combined with other colors such as white, silver, glow skirts, crystal hair, and others. The white and glow secondary colors serve to enhance the other lure colors on bright sunny days.

Overcast Days:

On overcast days the greens, oranges, and purples combined with dark secondary skirt colors such as black work very well. Chartreuse and green, or green single color lures are very productive.

When it comes to offshore trolling on the east coast, there are two colors that should always be in a spread pink & white, and purple and black. These two color combinations crossover to both sunny and overcast days.

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Rigged & Ready to Fish

Mono Loop

300 LB Test Snap Swivel

Total of 6 Lures

200 LB Test Lindgren Pitman Leader

Storage Bag

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