Sea Angler Large 72 x 24 Insulated Offshore Bag

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Large 72 x 24in Insulated Offshore Fish Bag

Tournament anglers who target Wahoo, Kingfish, Mahi Mahi, Cobia, Tuna, and other large offshore game fish will love this new large insulated weight preservation fish bag. Big on features this bag boasts a full 72-inch length, with a width of 24 inches. Heavily insulated, this heavy gauge vinyl fish bag has triple sewn extra heavy duty zippers and binding. A full 3 in of insulation throughout the length and width of the bag.

Includes an integrated ergonomic wide span shoulder strap allows for full weight distribution when moving your catch from boat to scale.

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Sea Angler 72 x 24 Fully Insulated Large Fish Bag

The use of fully insulated fish bags for tournament anglers is a must have. These bags will preserve the weight of the fish. Too many times I have seen tournament results based over an inch of weight differences. A weight preservation bag will allow you to place your catch in the bag, and keep it from shedding weight from the time the fish was landed til it arrives at the scale.

This large bag is ideal for KDW tournaments. The size allows for large kingfish, dolphin, wahoo, and other species such as tuna and cobia. Each side of this bag has a 3-inch layer of foam insulation. When folded over and laid flat, this bag has a full 12 inches in height due to the heavy duty insulation feature. Another very important often overlooked feature on large fish bags that are going to be extra heavy at days end is a wide span shoulder harness that will allow full weight distribution when it comes time to move the bag from the boat and on to the scales. I have seen too many bags that will tilt forward or backward when carried due to poorly designed carry harness, or the lack of one.

I have been a Sea Angler dealer for over 17 years, as well as end user of all Sea Angler insulated bags. From beers to huge cobia, the insulation and long life of these insulated bags have been nothing short of impressive. I highly recommend Sea Angler for all your soft bag type insulation needs,

Louis Owner/CEO

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Sea Angler 72 x 24 Fully Insulated Large Fish Bag

Sea Angler Large 72 x 24 Insulated Offshore Bag

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72-inch Length

24-inch Width

12 inch Height

Wide Span Ergonomic Shoulder Strap/Harness

Full 3 inches of fish surrounding insulation throughout the bag. When folded this bag has a height of 12 inches.

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